Friday, 24. April 2015

Habemus CoreCLR on FreeBSD

In the last weeks I contributed to the CoreCLR project ( CoreCLR is the new open source runtime for .NET and the core of the new Microsoft .NET strategy. Initially the focus is on providing a working basis for hosting ASP.NET apps. Microsoft annouced it in November 2014 with intial support for Windows. Linux support was added by Microsoft employees and OS X support was planned albeit contributed mostly by community member Geoff Norton ( As recogniction of his work he got a special engraved port glass and two bottles of port whine.

Earlier this year I felt it would be a good thing to have CoreCLR running on FreeBSD too. After some inital discussions (and a first pull request) we formed the "FreeBSD Port Team" together with some other interested folks. This idea came from MSFT employee Rich Lander and proved to be a very good conept.

Over the course of the last weeks we went through all the bits and pieces to make things work. There was already some porting effort in a private branch, albeit difficult to merge since the master repository was quickly moving forward.

Since yesterday evening our effort has reached the first major success, we got CoreCLR to build successfully on FreeBSD! This as acomplished with this pull request. The work does not stop here, while we have binaries now, these are not fully working yet. We also skipped the LLDB plugin support earlier, since it was not essential to bringing up a working build. So a lot of work remains, but we are all very happy to reached an important milestone.

Besides FreeBSD, there is also interest in supporting the other major BSD variants, OpenBSD and NetBSD, too.

Stay tuned on further updates. We continue working on this project to eventually bring FreeBSD up to par with the Linux and OS X ports. Also many thanks again to all the people that have supported and contributed to that effort.

Sunday, 1. February 2015

Dell XPS 13 (2015)

Having got my new Dell XPS 13 with Intel Broadwell finally this Friday, some initial thoughts about it. The device feels very good when holding it in the hands for the first time. Also the design is very good, but that should be clear given the price of the devices. I was positivily suprised about  […]

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Wednesday, 12. March 2014

Hyper-V Generation 2 and (X)Ubuntu 14.04

Virtualization on the x86/AMD64 architecture has become pretty normal over the last years. Today the market offers several different software products for this purpose. Two very well known ones include Virtualbox, which is open source software with proprietary extension packs offered by Oracle for  […]

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Wednesday, 26. February 2014

A new Beginning

I decided to start again with a blog. I had one based on Wordpress before, but did not really use it. Among other things, Wordpress' update mechanism (or the lack thereof) really spoiled the fun. I know they have a built in update mechanism, but it decided for some obscure reasons to not work for my  […]

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